After 10-50 min playback stops until server restrat

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 12 WSHi5 with last version of ROON ROCK

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All connections are ethernet, no VPN
Network Gear is Keenetic giga kn-1011

Connected Audio Devices

LUMIN U2 MINI in roon only mode

Number of Tracks in Library

500 + Tidal

Description of Issue

After 10-50 min playback stops:
Track is trying to start (like loading) but nothing happening
If I restart server everything start working for next 10-50 min

Is this happening for both local and Tidal tracks? Thanks.

Yes, for both local and Tidal

Please factory reset the Lumin (see the ROONONLY thread opening post). Test with Lumin app playback of Tidal (or use Tidal app to Tidal Connect to Lumin) for a few hours, in order to verify the network infrastructure stability.

I have done factory reset, tested Lumin app for 4-5 hour - all is working good.

May be i should do downgrade of ROON OS to earlier build?

Are both the Lumin and the NUC directly connected to the router, without going through any network switch?

Yes, LUMIN and NUC both directly connected to the router - no switch.

In NUC BIOS, turn off Turbo Boost and retry playback from Roon.

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