After 2.0 upgrade, most Tidal albums in Playlists show as "Unavailable"?

Roon Core Machine

Windows PC - everything worked fine before the upgrade

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Description of Issue

From settings/services try logging out of Tidal, restart the core then log in to Tidal (from settings/services) and force a rescan by clicking on “sync now.” Hopefully that will resolve the problem.

that seems to have helped reduce the number of Unavailable titles, but there are still many remaining? Any other suggestions? Steve

You could go one step further, Reboot the Core machine which should only take a ciuple of minutes but I’m starting to think there are other problems elsewhere as users are also having problems with Qobuz new releases not showing in Roon.

I repeated the whole process (log out of Tidal > reboot core ? log into Tidal > sync library) but no change.

Sorry for the delay - the Support team have a long queue of issues to address following the release of Roon 2.0.

Are you still experiencing your issue with Tidal playlists?

Yes I am. A very large number of files in my Playlists still show as ‘Unavailable’. I have manually re-added some of them, but to do this for all of the missing files will take several hours.

Thank you for asking. Steve

Hi @Steven_Lefley ,

Did your TIDAL account undergo any changes recently? Did you use to have Master quality TIDAL subscription and then change your tier for example? Can you please share a few screenshots of affected playlists?

I have not made any changes to my Tidal account. Here are 2 screenshots.

Hi @Steven_Lefley ,

Apologies for the delayed response. It looks like there is an error at the top right of your Roon app, is this by any chance a Metadata Improver error?

If you try to manually click on the Album on your playlists screen, are you able to play the track from there? If you navigate to the native TIDAL app, are all the song selections still present as well?