After 795 applied: Tidal continues to skip tracks more frequently now

Core Machine
Desktop, Windows 10

Network Details
Ethernet, 100MB Line

Audio Devices
Windows Desktop app

Library Size

Description of Issue
Playing Tidal albums leads to constant skipping of single tracks. The assumption was that release 795 has solved this painful issue from the recent past, but this error still continues on various albums/tracks.

Playing Qobuz via Roon and in Tidal direct does not demonstrate this issue.

Pls. investigate once more and fix the issues. This is an annoying behaviour which I was not expecting from Roon.

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The same thing happens with Tidal’s desktop and mobile apps as well so I don’t think this is a Roon issue. In fact I saw this first reported a month ago on the Tidal subreddit. It’s rather infuriating that Tidal hasn’t fixed this in the last month.

Regardless, I appreciate the Roon team’s attempt to work around the issue with 795.

Hi @JeezOPete ,

A lot of people do not have these skipping issues at TIDAL App or connect.
I also don’t have that, but my conclusion is also that TIDAL has to do something (TIDAL server outages quote).

Hi @Klaus-19

Are you seeing this for all endpoints? If you play to System Output are you seeing this issue still?

Hi Dylan,

thanks for coming back to the still persisting issue. Yes, the skipping of the Tidal played titles in all endpoints are affected, especially at system output. Every now and then a track just gets skipped somewhere in the playing to the next one. Over the last weeks this issue was experience less frequent what is still happening once/twice a day. Since I am not aware of any changes in Roon I assume the issue is to do with Tidal (many updates happened to this piece of software over the last weeks).

Thanks again for your help

Hey @Klaus-19,

It’s been quite some time since you had this conversation with Dylan. A couple of months later, we’re wondering, have things improved with your TIDAL in Roon? Is there anything we can help with? :nerd_face:

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