After a computer software update Qobuz no longer works

After a software update on our Macbook Pro, Qobuz no longer works. Now, when attempting to play anything on Qobuz, the progress bar under the song scrolls rapidly back & forth but does not play. This includes songs from Qobuz that have been previously downloaded onto Roon playlists and also when attempting to play directly from Qobuz’s site. Tidal still works perfectly. My system is an Xfinity router hardwired to Antipodes CX & EX music servers then wireless to our Macbook Pro (OSX). This has never occured before this software update. I’ve rebooted the system and also relogged in to both Roon & Qobuz repeatedly; all to no avail. Please help.

Hi @David_Tomchik, did you also try rebooting the Xfinity router plus any other networking equipment?

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Hi @David_Tomchik

As Carl suggested, definitely try giving the router a reboot.

is this happening for all endpoints? If you play to System Output do you see the same error?

If you go to Settings > Services and lower the streaming quality is there any change?

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Dylan & Carl; I never thought of rebooting the router but… IT WORKED! Qobuz & Roon now works perfectly again. Thanks for your help; my wife & I have been screwing around with this for the past week and all it needed was a router reboot. Go figure. Again, thanks. Dave


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