After a server crash/reboot Roon cannot loads it database

Core Machine
Ubuntu 21.04, on a old AMD E-350 Processor based board

Network Details

Network is working. Core is on ethernet. Rest is on Wifi. Ubiquity Dream machine router/switch. The problem is not that the remotes etc cannot connect(that was my first thought)

Audio Devices

Mostly NAD M33 & Squeezebox receiver

Library Size

Maybe 20,000 tracks. I cannot see it now

Description of Issue

My problem is that Roon Core is not starting up correctly. On the remotes it says Roon has an issue loading the database

I don’t see any particular errors in the logs from the core

After restart of Roon I get the login/signup screen on the remote(an android phone)

Hi @Hasse_Hagen_Johansen,

It’s possible that the crash caused the DB to be corrupted.

Do you have recent Roon database backup?
If so I recommend restoring it.

Hello @Hasse_Hagen_Johansen,

Thanks for letting us know of this and sorry about the trouble :sweat:

@Carl’s suggestion is right on the spot (thanks @Carl!). Could you please let us know if that works for you?

Thanks @Carl & @beka I will try that

Ok. I have just restored the latest backup(and also tried the backup before that). After the restart. The Roon core is avaiable, but when I click connect I just get the signup/login screen and if I go back and try again the same happens again. So I guess it is something else failing

When you get the login screen, are you using the link at the bottom of the screen to restore a backup at that point?

Yes. I have used the restore at the login screen.

I have fixed the problem. It seems that I needed to login in the login screen and remove the license for the core. Then I saw in the logs that it has now picked up its own license again

And I can see my music again :slight_smile: