After backup reload import date lost

I want to move my core from Synology to my MacMini. I have made several backups. But no matter which backup I use, the Core rebuilds the library after the backup is loaded, and the original date of addition is lost or overwritten. This is bad and I don’t want that. How can I keep the original date of addition even when restoring a backup?

Did you read and follow the instructions given in the FAQ: How do I move my Roon database to a new computer and preserve my edits, playlists, and favorites? (see also:

I also moved the thread to the support section of the forum.

Yes I did. So I want to know why Roon is making a rescan on my library after restore the backup?

Hi @Carl_Fiston,

Is the media still stored on the Synology? Are the watched folders in Settings > Storage changing at all?

Yes, files are Stored on nas Same folder.

Hi @Carl_Fiston,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab when the Synology was acting as the Core and a screenshot of this tab from the Mac Mini Core?

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