After connecting to Roon Core. Roon software won't open

Windows 64bit, QNAP TS-251D
Core is installed on SSD 240 GB M.2.PCIe
Intel Celeron J4025 CPU

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ATT U-verse Router
NetGear switch

Connected Audio Devices

Windows PC wireless connection
AppleTV LAN connection with HDMI out to Meridian System

Number of Tracks in Library

7,000 albums

Description of Issue

Opening up Roon software on PC identifies my core. When I click to connect, I just get the Roon moving logo for hours. Same with Galaxy phone and tablet Version of Roon software.
Recently had a problem with the AppleTV connection being lost. Trying to reconnect failed, so I uninstalled/reinstalled the software on all devices with no success. Next uninstalled/reinstalled the core and all supporting files. No luck. I’ve disabled the firewall (PC Matic SuperShield, which had been a problem on my first install of the core) and still nothing.

Please help. I’ve been dealing with this for over a week.

I also posted this problem. Good to see I am not alone. I connected momentarily and then it went back to not being able to connect. Where are you - I am in Oregon. Although my outage just happened. Sounds like you have been fighting with this for a week.

Sorry to hear you’re having the same problem. I’m in Southern California.

May be check the minimum requirements, that spec looks a bit “weak”, Celeron plus 4 g is not recommended

You should also try installing the video card manufacturer original driver, Windows updates often screw up drivers

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Hey @Jeff_Dean,

We’re so sorry you ran into trouble… :pensive:

Even just as a test, do you have a machine that meets our recommendations to install Roon on, as mentioned by @Mike_O_Neill? Did this particular Core work well with Roon until this issue started, or is this the first time you’ve been trying to run Roon on it?

It was working fine with the original install.

Hey @Jeff_Dean,

Thanks for confirming that.

Unfortunately, even if the machine was working well to a point, different OS updates and even software updates can change that…

You had mentioned disabling the firewall. Do you, by any chance have an antivirus as well? If so, can you please try disabling that?

Do you have a device that meets our recommendations to install Roon on?

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