After downgrading to 1.8 the library is not accessible anymore

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NUC 5 Ubuntu 18.04

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I was advised to upgrade to 2.0. After I did, I learned that Mac OSx 10.12 on my Roon endpoint is not supported anymore.

I downgrade the core to 1.8, but the library is inaccessible since. I have no backup, but as /var/roon/roonserver contains 20000 objects (~1GB), I guess the library is still there.

How can I make it accessible? Make a backup?

Hallo @openear and welcome to the forum.

Please describe what makes you believe that your “library is not accessible anymore”. Especially given the fact that

Note: You can also post screenshots of what you see on your end. Posting these pictures may provide a great help for helpers.

When I start Roon Endpoint (Mac Powerbook OSX 10.12), I get the screen

All these 21 albums are stored locally on the same MAC as FLAC-Rips. All the rest (the thousends of albums streamed with TIDAL) is absent.
I don´t find a way to give Roon the information, where my library is.
Could it be that during the update to V. 2.0 my library was transformed in a new format that V 1.8 doesn´t recognize anymore?

What do you see when you go Settings > Storage?
If you are not seeing your library location, can you not add it by clicking the Add folder button?

And are you logged into Tidal within Roon (Settings > Services)?

Thanks Geoff!
The downgrade had made disappear my Tidal login. Now it seems, that I have all the music back. I did my first backup!
Thanks again.

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