After downloading windows 11 no possibility for making backup


After I have downloaded Windows 11 this morning, Roon cannot make backups on my PC’s external hard drives. I get a message that “Selected drive is full”. Also, I can’t set up a network share for other drives on my PC. Last successful backup was yesterday. I was also able to make a backup on my sonicTransporter (with Roon Core). Furthermore, the drives are certainly not full because there is more than 1Tb of space on each. What is going on here? Are more users experiencing this after downloading Windows 11?

Thanks for reading and support.

@Bert_Dijkstra - Do you have your drives partitioned? If so maybe that partition is out of space and not the drive. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the drives too, that might fix it.

Good luck and best regards :smiley:

The drives are not partitioned. Dis- and reconnecting and restarting the pc also have no effect. I created a new backup place with a third drive. I did that the same way I did with the other drives, so made sure the drive and the folder were shared and entered the correct path. Unfortunately, Roon will not be allowed access. Obviously something has changed with the Windows 11 update but I don’t know what. I thought I had everything under control with Windows 10. Was able to make every disk accessible to Roon for backups, but that’s no longer possible.

@Bert_Dijkstra - Bert, I was thinking about this and I’m thinking it’s probably more of a Roon software issue on your end and probably not Windows 11 as I would think there would be more support issues about this matter. Maybe a reinstall of Roon and then a recovery from a backup. But do this at your own discretion please, as recovering from a backup doesn’t always work for some users. It’s just what I was thinking, hoping someone else will hopefully chime in for more opinions.

Today there was another update for Roon. As far as I understood it had to do with the database and especially if a backup had to be made. So I was hoping this update would fix the problem. Unfortunately: selected drive is full (???).
It’s strange that I don’t find anything about this on Roon’s site. Am I the only one with this problem?

It was after all the update for Windows 11 which disables making backups. In Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center> Advanced Sharing Settings> All Networks (3rd paragraph)> there I had to disable password protected sharing again (second choise) . The update turned it to enable, so Roon couldn’t access the drives and I couldn’t apply File Sharing either. Making backups works again with the used files from my drives.
Hopefully other Windows users will benefit from this.

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