After I installed Roon on iMac, it quits when I choose my audio zone every time

Roon Core Machine

synology ds1819+
os: dsm 6.2.4-25556 update 2
cpu: intel atom c3538
ram: 8g (4x2)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

netgear nighthawk x4s 7800 , switch netgear gs308t

Connected Audio Devices

iMac connect topping d90 mqa via usb with audioquest jitterbug

Number of Tracks in Library

209,089 tracks

Description of Issue

I heard sones with roon many days, in this afternoon it suddenly stop and couldn’t restart again.
after I uninstall/reboot/install roon, it works but when I choose D90 MQA in select an audio zone, then roon quit. I can’t select d90 to play music.

Hey @Chin-Hua_Chang,

Thanks a lot for reaching out when running into this. We’re very sorry about the trouble :pensive:

If this is still happening today, would you please clear the transport* folder? Navigate to your Roon Core’s database location and go to Database > Core > [CORE ID] and then delete the Transport folder.

Here’s one example:


hi @beka

I reinstall core and issue clear thanks

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