After iOS 11.1.1 update, no Roon Remote [Resolved]

I played music using Roon remote on my iPad Air this morning, no problem except some problems with radio streaming.
Then I discovered the iOS 11.1.1 update and let the updater do its task. Now, with 11.1.1 installed Roon Remote doesn’t work anymore. It shows the cover of the album, accepts clicking on a track, but nothing happens/plays.
That’s on a 5GHz network, but I have used this without trouble the last months.
As far as I see, the Remote is thelatest version. Appstore doesn’t show any Roon update.

Have you rebooted the Roon core?

@WKW I would suggest deleting the app from the iPad and then download it again.

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Thanks, rebooting the core and then playing Roon remote from my MacBook worked.

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