After last Roon update it no longer sees Moon DAC

Nucleus+ running 1.7 (710)

Roon PC app now only sees my PC to play my music on. It lo longer sees my Moon DAC, which is the throughput hardware connected to my receiver and speakers.

Ethernet connected Roon to switch which connects to networked Moon DAC and NAS with music library. Roon does still see the NAS.

Hi @B_roon,

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting your DAC, Nucleus, and router?

Is this device appearing outside of Roon?

Hi Dylan.

I rebooted the Roon and then the switches with the RJ-45s and then the router. No dice, so I posted. After, and while waiting for a reply, I unplugged the power cord from the Moon DAC and repowered it. I then opened the Roon app again on my PC and Roon found the DAC. At the last Roon software update it disconnected and then couldn’t see the DAC. If the ‘big’ software update coming disconnects the Moon again I’ll pull the power cord again and try that hard reboot.

Any idea why the Roon would have disconnected the Moon DAC and then was unable to see it?

Hi @B_roon ,

Thanks for letting us know that the manual reboot sorted this issue out! If the issue re-occurs in the furture, can you please let us know provide some more info regarding your network setup?

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