After months, Export function on Mac still beach balling and crashing

I realise there is an update in the pipeline but the export function is still beach balling and ultimately crashing my mac.

Fingers crossed this is fixed in the new release because my last post on this subject was quickly buried in the support section and largely ignored for months.

Tell me it’s a problem no one else has!

I would suggest replying to this and asking for an update from the Roon team.

This has been going on FOREVER

I started that thread and I’ve not received any replies since the original flurry. I have left a message on there now but it feels like this issue is being swept under the carpet.

So my translation of this message is :-

‘We’ve done next to nothing since you reported it in September, the dev team chuckled when I asked if it was fixed in the new release. Everyone is preparing for the s**tstorm that will come when we drop the new OS so we have no idea when you ‘mac’ fanboys will be able to use some of the core functionality of roon which is really only important to a few of our customers. Thanks for your money anyway’


Short of storming the Roon castle and demanding this gets fixed what can I do? Is it working with Windows remotes, I have no means of finding out.

Hi again @Andy_Jones,

It’s an interpretation, and I’m not here to defend Roon … clearly there is something holding Roon back on this … but what this only Roon will know.

Google search on “roon mac export hang beach ball” took me to this post at the top of the search.

Looks like i’m not the only one with this symptom.

For me, with Mac, latest Roon everything, Roon core running on Windows box:

What does not work: export “favorite” tracks from the Tracks list that has NOT been previously exported from the album view <<------ hangs, circling beach ball for few mins, followed by failure message,


What works: go to the album that has this “favorite” track, export from there, NO PROBLEM. Now, go back to the Trakcs list with the same favorite track, this time Exporting WORKS!

Top is export done from Album screen. Bottom is from export (successful) done from the Tracks list screen.

Seems like something about the Export from album screen causes subsequent export of the same track to succeed from the Tracks list screen.

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Yes, it’s a similar story if you want to export a playlist it can be made to work if you play every track on the playlist however briefly before exporting. You must play every one for at least a second though. Not that practical if you want to export large playlists but it does work.

I did point this out in my first thread on this subject. It seems like all the programming work is in place, just some logic/flagging issue regarding tracks.

I am also having this issue. I’m running Roon Core on a Mac Mini, attempting to export playlists onto a MacBook Pro. Both machines are on the latest Big Sur 11.3.1. Has there been any work done towards fixing this problem since January?

@kirsten I contacted support and changed my card reader which appeared to solve the problem. But exporting multiple files from the Tracks view is awfully slow (20 tracks in 1 hour) and never seems to come to a decent finish. My support ticket has been closed in the meantime, because I thought evrything would be OK but I jumped the gun.

I’m having this issue too - very annoying! I need to export some music so that I can listen to it in the car.

From another thread in the forum, I picked up something that helps, however clumsy it may appear.

Thanks @Ronbert_van_Riel. My playlist has nearly 3,000 tracks, but I might give it a try. Best wishes.

Our latest release includes a number of changes to exporting including the ability to export non-library content, a new Soundiiz option, and a number of bug fixes. Please see our release notes for details: