After months of use, I can’t find my Roon core on my network

Roon Core Machine

Sn 54B2039C539A

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Directly plugged into Frontier router

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh MA12000
Connected via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

Maybe 1000

Description of Issue

This evening I unplugged the Roon nucleus and replugged it in. After turning everything on, I could not find the Roon.

  1. I checked the IP address, and scanned it into the OS help window. Nothing happened
  2. Unplugged everything, including router, McIntosh, and Roon and started over.
  3. Everything else in my system works great. The router works, WiFi works, etc.

Please help! Roon is my only input and I need some music.

Connect a display (monitor or TV) to the Nucleus and see what is happening.

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Thanks everyone! My Nucleus has both orange and green lights showing from the Ethernet cable. Also the power light is lit. I am not that tech savvy, but it seems like the IP address got confused and I can’t see it or find it on the network.

I take it you can’t connect to it’s webui? Can you not see it via any Roon remotes? Did you assign it a fixed IP when it was in use last time? You might have another device using dhcp thats clashing with it. If not I would turn off the nucleus reboot all your network gear then turn it back on see if it cures it.

I thought the same thing. I shut down everything using the internet. Rebooted the router and turned everything back on. Still can’t find the Nucleus to interact with it

Plug it into a TV via the hdmi and check out what it’s says on the screen may give some indication of whats going on.

Got home, Roon Nucleus was up and working. Not sure what happened.

Would appreciate someone from Roon support to reach out to me to go over what happened. Want to avoid this happening again.

Thanks to all who made suggestions. I was skeptical to use a forum for help, this experience convinced me the forum is productive. Also, found some good discussions threads with music I’ve never listened to and I am ready to explore.


The local side switch on your router is likely a layer 2 switch that routes using mac addresses rather than ip addresses. The mDNS translates that host name to the ip address and from then on, mac addresses are used. It may be that a new ip address was assigned when you moved the port connection but that would not have automatically resulted in a updated mDNS entry. Rebooting the router should have resolved this. As your system came back into view after a period of time is likely due to the DHCP lease time expiring and a the routing tables just sorting themselves out.

Suggest that you assign fixed ip addresses for your equipment that is always on your network. Set the routers dhcp pool to be something like through (see footnote) and assigns fixed ip address against the interface mac addresses of your fixed equipment (such as your roon core) using the addresses above the pool (ie, .202 etc). Note that the mac address is the address of the network port, so if you have multiple ports on your computer, the fixed ip address is associated with the ports mac address, not the computer.

  • address range assigned for private ipv4 are –, – and –

If your router software has the ability to set Reserved addresses, then you don’t need to bother setting a subset of addresses for DHCP. For that matter, you don’t need to set static (fixed) addresses either.

Reserved addresses are all you need.

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