After most recent update, Roon continuously locks up

If the Core and the desktop app are out of sync, then there will be problems.

Is everything set that way?

the two are never out of synch since when i am forced (core) to update, i follow thereafter with an update to the desktop. Let me clarify, the desktop app has not required me to update, just the core
Yes they are both set to not auto update. The update occurs only when i have to reboot the core.

Locked up again today

Yep, something needs fixing.

Same issue here with a Mac

The problem is that you didn’t post in the Support section of the forum and you didn’t, as I am doing now, tag @support. So, in all probability no one from Roon support has looked at this.

BTW - If you’re going to reference over/under you need to a give a number that you are betting over/under on, not just odds, unless your over/under number is Eternity. :sunglasses:

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I just updated my video drivers directly from NVidia and Intel although both recommended getting them from Dell. We’ll see if this helps.

EDIT: So far, so good, after 4 hours.

please post back after an extended period as i would be interested in seeing if it fixes your problem. I thought mine were already up to date but will check and see. Thanks for the idea

Not actually true…
Please keep it respectful and on topic.

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Will do but please
Please allow differing opinions and experiences

Of course
Roon forums and its members welcome healthy experiences and opinions as long as basic civility and decorum is followed.
Thank you for your patience and understanding

Did you get the chance to see if everything is on the latest versions and if this did indeed help your problem ?

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Has your system updated all operating systems including the optional ones for audio and graphics drivers?

Sometimes Apple, Microsoft or Google also make the problems and manufacturers directly submit drivers for the sound and graphics solution.

A fully completed form gives more help possibilities and indeed some patience is also needed if the support is working on other problem solutions.

I am not asking for help therefore no need to give a complete form. I have waited for more than a year for a prior request so i am fully aware patience is needed.
They are ALWAYS working on other problems so that is a given.
Through my experience, I have learned they do not respond nor help me
I am posting only for someone else who may have the same problem.
I am fully capable of fixing most any issue wrt my pc and its operating system.
Feel free to ignore and not comment if my post is not relevant to you

I don’t see any respectful help or helpful advice for other customers here

You get documented support also directly from support (look in your profile it is public!)

You think that increasing the load on audio analysis solves problems…

You don’t want help here…

Have fun in this community I am out

My Dell video drivers were up to date also. However, the video card manufactures have newer drivers that your computer manufacture doesn’t have.

I’ve only been using Roon about 45 minutes so far today, but no lock-up’s yet. This MIGHT be the answer.

EDIT: Screen locked up again, but only for a few seconds. So, it’s better but not as it should be or used to be. Roon has changed something for the worse.

mine locked up again too. I havent installed the latest upgrade, not sure which on you are on (or if that matters) but thought i would toss it out there. Does yours keep playing while locked up? mine does but requires a hard close (via windows processes) and restart.

You need to see the specific video card/cards your computer has and look for the drivers for that specific model. There is always some risk when you install a driver that is not what your computer manufacture is showing.

The music keeps playing because the Nucleus is not impacted. You can shut down all your control devices and the music will continue.

I think the updated graphics/video card drivers has solved this problem for me. I downloaded them from Intel and NVIDIA. I think my laptop probably only uses the Intel with Roon.

EDIT: Just lost audio. Clicked on stop, then start and audio started up again. This is a different issue than the screen lockup’s I’ve been experiencing.