After OSX update: roon sees iMac as new device and authorization failed

This night I installed a security update on the iMac wich is my roon core (OSX 10.13.4).

After rebooting and restarting roon, I got the message, that I’ve already 1 device authorized.
So, roon obviously did not recognize my iMac properly an sees it as a new device (why?).

I’ve the option to “deauthorize” the device wich is stored by roon (my iMac) and connect it as a new one, but I’m afraid, that my well groomed library will disappear in this case.

What should I do?`


After rebooting the iMac again, it was recognized.

had a similar issue yesterday: after updating the Mac mini that runs Roon Server from 10.11.6 to 10.13.4 when I launched Roon for the first time was asked to login (or start a free trial) :astonished:

I immediately got nervous about loosing everything and having to reconfigure from scratch but since I have backups proceeded and… all was there just as before :slightly_smiling_face:

@support : is this and/or the one Matthias reported expected behaviour?

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