After 'play' Roon does not start the stream

Roon Core Machine
Intel NUC7I7BNH, Samsung SSD 960 EVO MZ-V6E250BW,
Crucial 16GB, Ext USB 500GB WD.
500 GB WD drive
ROCK version 1.8 build 831

Networking Gear & Setup Details
Fritzbox 7490
Netgear switches Prosafe GS105se, wired connections

Connected Audio Devices
HiFi Rose RS250 >USB
Kii three and Audio Control input USB

Number of Tracks in Library
~1000 albums
~ 6180 Qobuz Lib. 5398 FLAC tracks on

Description of Issue
System starts in off position. Bridge device Rose RS 250 and audio device Kii Audio Control is one Zone.
On my Roon Remote iPadOS15 I start a stream via play.
The zone is visible in the right lower part of the app.
The RS 250 starts after 5 seconds and is ready on my remote.
I see a blue popup “select an audio zone”, one second later the same popup and text
Is repeated but there is nothing playing.
I try again on ‘play’ and the audio does start this time!

Hey @aa_jacobs,

We’re so sorry to hear about thee trouble, and to get back to you this late. Please, accept our most sincere apologies :pray:

I was hoping you could answer three more questions:

  1. Is the Software Packet Acceleration feature disabled on your Fritz router?
  2. Do you have any other device you could try to use as a Roon remote to stream music to your grouped zone?
  3. If you try to play to just one of the devices (to ungroup them and play individually to each of them), do you experience the delay?

Thanks in advance :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka,
My answers:

  1. the Fritzbox settings 7490 OS 07.29 are OK

  2. Yes, I have two Naim Mu-So devices (Mu-So QB2 and Mu-So 2).
    I made a grouped zone with my HiFi Rose RS 250 combination which is connected to my
    Kii Control Loudspeakers.
    I start to play from the standbymode the Naim Mu-So’s when they are playing.
    The HiFi Rose does not go to the playmode.
    Only after activation once more then the playmode starts!.

  3. I tried this to play just one of the devices. The start position is the standby mode.
    The result is Naim Mu-So Q2 starts in immediately after I activated play.
    Naim Mu-So 2 starts in immediately after I activated play.
    The result of the HiFi Rose RS 250 does not start after I activated play:
    What I see instead is two times a blue popup “select an Audiozone”.
    After the second popup I can now activate again the playbutton and the Rose RS 250 starts to play.

All my devices are ‘Roon ready device’. I think that the HiFi Rose RS 250 does not answer to this specification and seems therefore not compatible?
I have passed this problem to the manufacturer of HiFi Rose, who refers me to Roon Labs.


Hey @aa_jacobs,

I cannot thank you enough for your swift reply and for taking the time to answer all the questions.

Could you please confirm one more thing? Is your HiFi Rose RS250 running on the latest firmware?

Yes Rebeka,
The new Rose platform Rose 4.0.05
the link hifi rose


Hey @aa_jacobs,

Thanks so much for keeping in touch so promptly :pray:

I’ve taken all of it to our team and they’re connecting with HiFi Rose. We’ll keep you posted :nerd_face:

Hi Rebeka,
There is a solution for the USB problem.
This is the answer of HiFi Rose:

When USB/SSD power activation in standby mode is set to OFF, power is not supplied to the USB port in standby mode. When it is turned on from standby mode, power is supplied to the USB port again. In the case of Kii USB Connector, it seems that it takes a little time to operate normally after the USB port is enabled.

The Play command was issued while it was not fully prepared yet, and it seems that it was not performed properly.

We will adjust the timing a bit so that even devices that are initialized late will work well.

Please use USB/SSD power activation in standby mode for the time being.

Thank you for your help.


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Hey @aa_jacobs,

It’s so great to see that you heard back from HiFi Rose :star_struck:

Thank you for sharing their reply with us. We’re happy this is something they are aware of and have a solution in the works :nerd_face:

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