After restarting ROCK I must remove and then re-mount my storage device to get the server to launch

I’ve installed ROCK on a NUC7i7BNH, two days ago and I’m very happy with it’s performance (convolution 131k taps). Inspired by this thread I’ve restarted the server to see what happens and I’ve ended up with a slightly different problem. In order for the server to start, I’m asked to remove all storage devices (external HDD for my music and USB stick for library backup). Is this normal or something is wrong in the BIOS configuration? Please advise!

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I suspect it is the memory stick causing the issue, try removing it and rebooting, I have 3 USB drives connected to my NUC 7i7bnh running ROCK and it reboots just fine.

By the way I would back up your db to something a little more robust than a memory stick.

Hi @Carmen_Marin ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Please be advised that since you are experiencing a different issue, I have split your post into a new topic to avoid any confusion.

Moving forward, can you please reproduce the reported behavior and note the time when the observation is made. Then once your NUC is back in stable state, dump us a set of logs using the instructions found here.


Thanks for your input, guys! I will try the suggested fixes, tonight, when I’ll get home and report back.

Here are the results:

  1. As Ratbert suspected, ROCK starts nicely if I remove the USB memory stick (many thanks for your suggestion, Ratbert!)

  2. With the USB stick inserted, I am prompted to “Remove external storage and press any key”. Works fine after doing this…

Eric, I have the logs if you still need them (at this point this is a non-issue for me) but I don’t have a Dropbox or any other file sharing service account and I would like to keep it this way. Please advise


Hey @Carmen_Marin – can you confirm your BIOS settings? It sounds like maybe your boot order isn’t configured as described on our Knowledge Base?

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Thanks Mike! The BIOS is configured as per those instructions. I’m not sure if I described the behaviour, clear enough, in my last post. The two scenarios are:

  1. If an external HDD is connected to the NUC, at startup, the device boots up nicely and everything is good.

  2. If a USB memory stick is connected at startup, I am asked to remove external storage and press any key to continue.

I am perfectly happy with the described behaviour as I don’t see any reason to keep a USB memory stick permanently connected and this issue can be closed.