After Roon update "Your Roon Server doesn't seem to be running"

I updated today, and I also get “Your Roon Server doesn’t seem to be running.”

I’ve rebooted and checked my Firewall. No luck.

Windows 10, 60,000 tracks or so.


Is Roon working? Are you able to play music? I’m asking because I had that message too when I tried to open the server after installation, while the music was playing on an endpoint…
I opened Roon remote on the server laptop (MacOs) and after that never seen that message again and the server can be reached.

Nope. Just the Jellyfish. No servers running as a service.


Should I download and reinstall?


Hi @Arsdivina, it can’t do any harm so I’d give it go. Others have reported it worked for them.

That worked! Thanks!


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