After some hardware advice now

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I have followed your advice @jamie , @Martin_Webster and @xxx
I did set up a new roonserver on my iMac and that works ok with mutli room simultaneously playing different music in each.

I am now keen to obtain a new NUC setup to be able to leave on 24/7 and forget about it (with ROCK ideally).
Given that I got only 3 yrs out of my previous set up, I am keen to future proof myself as much as possible.
It seems nigh on impossible to find a Gen 8 NUC and so it would have to be Gen 10 which is becoming scarce too. I have poured through the threads as I can see that Gen 11 is current version of NUC and so thought that would be the answer.
The lack of clarity on when OS 2.0 is coming puts me in a real bind.

Should I go for Gen 10 i7 NUC and set up ROCK or go for GEN 11 with linux roon server hoping OS 2.0 will materialise soon now?
There seem to be several views and I just don’t want to drop several hundreds of £ on the wrong decision.

It really boils down to what’s more important to you?

  • Running ROCK now
  • Having a NUC 11

We can only speculate on the release of Roon OS 2.0 (and Roon’s policy is not to comment).

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Only you can decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

I imagine UEFI support will come to ROCK. But how soon is now? So, as @Carl says, you need to decide if you want ROCK or a NUC 11. If you can’t get a NUC 10, then you’ll have to go with a NUC 11 and run a minimal Linux install, e.g., Ubuntu 20.04, and Roon Server.


Since this is working, the question is about how anxious you are to have a ROCK machine.

If you can find a cheap used NUC, really any later GEN will do, then maybe (?) get that as a stop gap while Roon straightens out ROCK on a GEN11.

What is your facilty with Linux? Is it worth the hassle to you? Roon on Linux does not have a GUI. Would that be a problem for you?

ROCK, however you get there, is the way to go…


Depending on where you are located I expect you will be able to find an 8G NUC on ebay.

I the last month I’ve bought two 8i7s and an 8i3.

At this exact moment i7s seem rare - but there are i3s and i5s around.

I really love the effortless of ROCK - and I have little doubt that you’d find either a 7G or 10G will also run really well. The appliance like character is IMHO a big win. Remember the nucleus board is a 7i3 and the Nucleus plus a 7i7.

My library is 3000 tracks and my 8i7 is mostly idle. The 8i3 I tested (even with a spinning disk for my media) also ran really fast. If you have a huge library you may need the compute power - but otherwise I expect any supported NUC will work well!

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I think that is really helpful to hear form all of you.
And I know only I can decide. :grin:

I want to switch off my iMac when not at it and so I do want a separate device. Also others in the household need to access the multiroom music without accessing my Mac.

I found setting up my old machine on linux challenging as I am not familiar with it. Installing ROCK was way easier and until I ran into recent issues it was zero maintenance.

So I like your ideas of trying to find a NUC 8 i7 on ebay in the UK and using that whilst watching out for OS 2.0 release.

Looks like this is going to be easier said than done!

There are a few 8i3s and 8i5s, but no i7s

Might need to give it a week or two.

Although I’ll bet the 8i5 is very good!

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I have the NUC8i3BEH, and this is absolutely fine for all but the largest of libraries. I run multiple zones with DSP. My library is around 3.7k albums.

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Does it need to be an i7?

CEX UK have a NUC 8 i3 and NUC 7 i5 in stock.

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I have 118k tracks so c 12k albums.
It’s a bit about future proofing so aim for i7.

With a large library I can imagine you’d be keen to hold out for an 8i7.

But a quick check shows the 8i5 actually slightly improves on the 7i7

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I’ve run a nucleus rev a 7th gen i3 with 12gb ram and upgraded to m.2 nvme ssd. It’s running ok with 330k track database. I also now run a 7th gen i7 with 16gb ram with the same 330k track library.


For what it’s worth… I am running ROCK on a used NUC5i7RYH with 16gb RAM and 115,000 track library connected via external 4TB SSD. I use a USB connection to my DAC Magic 2.0 from ROCK and connect the DAC to my reciever. Not a problem at all. Fast and no noise. Paid $125USD on local craigslist. I prefer this to several different MOCKs I set up on old laptops and desktops.


I’d suggest you take a look at the Small Green Computer’s lineup of Roon core music servers. I would recommend the sonicTransporter i5 (Gen 3) with their upgraded power supply. It runs LINUX but does not require any LINUX knowledge as it is a plug & play Roon core server solution. I have one and its performance with 10,000 albums in the database is excellent. You can add storage if needed with a built in SSD slot or use a NAS or plug in a USB drive. They also have a more powerful server, the i9 optical, which may be overkill unless you have a really gigantic collection. I think this is a better solution than building a server. See it at: sonicTransporter i5 (Gen 3) – Small Green Computer

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Thanks for that. I will add it into the mix.
I did start with a UK version of the sonic orbiter approach but i underestimated my needs in terms of library size and number of zones to stream.

Thank you to all who were helpful her with their advice and guidance.
I am now starting the journey with an immaculate used Intel NUC Gen10 i7.
It came with 32gb Ram and a modest 250GB Kingston SSD with windows. I got it for £400 so feel really lucky as it is still in warranty.
I am awaiting the arrival of a samsung 970 disc to swap in as a ROCK. very excited to see how this will perform once I am set up.


Smallest ssd you can find for rock. Even a large library 128gb is way more than you can use

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Up and running and very happy at the end of the first 24 hours.Fingers crossed.
Thanks again to all.


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