After starting Roon from a pinned icon in the Win 10 taskbar, a second icon is displayed

When I open Roon on PC, the icon in the taskbar I click stays as is and another instance of Roon opens on the end. When I close Roon that second instance goes away.

One server, the other client?

Yeah, I get the same thing. Never noticed it before this last WIN10 update.


On my PC, I’m only running Roon as a Remote.


I am just on about the programme. As XXX shows, thats what I see.

Since this seems like it might be a common problem with the WIN10 update, I am tagging @support.

I’ve moved this topic over to support.

On my office laptop, I could reproduce and confirm this is a very recent behavioural change.

On my home PC, it was fine (and that’s running a more recent version of Windows).

Going back to my laptop, I tried this:

  • Stop Roon
  • Unpin Roon from the taskbar
  • Pin Roon to the taskbar
  • Start Roon (from the pinned icon)

No duplicate icon :slight_smile:

@xxx and @Gareth_Irwin can you guys try this to see if it makes a difference on your systems.

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Didn’t work for me. Tried it twice to be sure. Still duplicate.

My WIN10 is a different build, but it says I am up to date -



Oh well, it was worth a try.

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Interesting. If I unpin Roon and then click on the taskbar spot where the icon used to be it (sorta) acts like the icon is still there.


A reboot between unpin/repin doesn’t help.

I have also noticed this behavior.
Another note, It also happens with my Steam shortcut in my task bar.

Maybe just a windows thing then, I dont think I have seen it eslewhere but will keep an eye out

and one last note, in case you did not know or notice, there is a little bar above the icons that have programs opened. see screen shot:
The two icons circled are the shortcuts that are pinned to the task bar. in the case of chrome it combines the shortcut icon with the indicator.

Hey everyone :wave:

Thanks for reporting your experience - sorry about the trouble. I’ve passed this on to the team, but, in the meantime, the steps @Carl has shared seem to resolve the issue:

  • close all instances of Roon
  • unpin Roon from the task bar
  • re-pin Roon to the task bar
  • launch Roon

Thanks for trying :pray:

I just tried @Carl s method and it did not work for me. I still got a duplicate icon.

However, I tried right clicking on the duplicate icon and adding it to the task bar. then I unpinned the original icon from the task bar. now there is no duplicate. unfortunately, this means if I unpin the icon and then re-pin it it will start duplicating again. I tried this with my steam icon and it behaves the same way.

So, close, but not solved yet.

Is this marked solved? Doesn’t really matter as it isn’t a big deal, but it isn’t solved.

Hi @beka, for some yes but not for everyone. There’s more to this but I do suspect it’s more Windows related than Roon.


The problem is widely discussed as a Windows problem. I found this link, perhaps understandable with Google translator or Deepl.

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Also, apart from the duplicate icon (which I also experienced) there was only, for me, 1 instance of Roon running so it’s a minor irritant and doesn’t appear to affect Roon functionality or performance.
Nonetheless MS continue to cause grief with their updates as there’s always a bug with the updates & often user settings are overwritten with unwanted or unpredictable results.

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Hello everyone :wave:

Thank you so much for taking interest in this topic and trying to find an answer - I’m appreciative of your insightful comments (and thanks for unchecking the Solved box - this still needs work :pray: )

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I found a solution that worked (for me):

  1. Pin Roon to the Taskbar.
  2. Open Roon, a second icon appears.
  3. Right-click on the second icon and pin to Taskbar.
  4. Unpin the first icon.

When you close Roon and start it again, it doesn’t spawn a second icon.

This is what tipped me off:

You need to make sure to pin the application window that is running