After the 1.1 update the database was cleared

All my music was scan all over again (3500+ albums!) Lost all “my” inclusion dates… WHY??? Huge f**k up!

Inclusion dates meaning the “Added on” date?

Hey @Ramhead – sorry for the trouble here. The powerful editing functionality included in 1.1 necessitated that all file tags be re-extracted, but that process is different than what you’re describing.

While import dates are editable in 1.1, if I’m understanding the issue here, it sounds like your collection was re-imported, which shouldn’t happen during the update.

Can you let me know if you’ve made any changes to your storage setup? Moved to a new hard drive? Changed paths? Moved to a different computer, restored a Roon backup, or switched to RoonServer? Anything that might’ve caused Roon to think all your content was new?

yes, the “Added” dates were lost.

I didn’t move nor change anything. I opened Roon and soon I started to see the number of albums decreasing then re-added again. Now I have my library back but the order I’ve been used to, is lost.

Ok, thanks for letting us know Alex. I’m going to send you a PM so we can get some logs from you and see if we can get a sense of what happened here.

In the mean time, check out this post where I detail how to change your import dates to be keyed off the files on your hard drive, as opposed to when they were added to Roon:

Thanks Mike for your reply. The bulk edition of the adding date is not an option for me. I’m talking about 3500 albums and I don’t have the time to do it neither have in mind when I added each album.
I’m happy to see progress in the soft but please don’t change procedures without noticing the users. Before 1.0, the timeline was: you open roon, a small window with the notification showed you an update was available and gave you the option to do it or not. Now, you don’t have that notice. You open the program and it tells you an update is being made. No options. That is what happened to me. If I’d had the choice, I would performed a backup and we were just talking about the great virtues of Roon.

Hey Alex,

To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting you edit each album by hand, nor was I suggesting that losing your import dates was normal or expected – something definitely went wrong here, and your experience is different from what most users have seen.

I absolutely understand your frustration, and I’m hoping we can figure out what went wrong here. I’ll look over your PM and logs and we’ll look into this.

Also, with regards to my suggestion of editing – this is a workaround, but might actually be better than what you were seeing before. Let me explain…

Let’s say you set up Roon 3 weeks ago. Any albums you’ve added in the last 3 weeks will be shown as your most recent albums, but everything older than 3 weeks will show as imported on the day you set up Roon.

The steps I was proposing will allow you to use the dates from your files, as opposed to the dates they were added to Roon. On my drive, the dates go all the way back to music I purchased in 2011, way before Roon existed. This edit only takes a couple clicks, and it’s non-destructive, meaning it only changes how the music is displayed in Roon, and is very easy to undo if you don’t like the results.

I would start by checking the files on your hard drive – depending on how your music got on that drive, either Created or Modified may provide a more accurate picture of when you originally acquired the music. Then:

  • In Roon, go to the track browser, and select all tracks (CTRL-A on PC, CMD-A on OSX)
  • Click Edit in the top-right, then click the Metadata Preference tab
  • Next to Import Date select either Prefer File Modification or Prefer File Creation and click Save

It will take a minute for all the changes to be saved, but when it’s done, you can sort your collection by import date and it should give you a nice overview of when the files were actually added to your drive – in my case, this usually corresponds to when I originally acquired the album, but it may be different for you, depending on when you started using the hard drive, and how you moved your music to the drive.

Anyway, like I said, this is just a workaround – the behavior you saw here is not what we expect, and I’ll be following up via PM to see if we can figure out what happened here. Appreciate your feedback and patience here @Ramhead!