After Update and Scan is complete Roon displays 0 everything

After 3 full days of scanning, scanning is completed in library setting area, but the upper right corner of the dashboard shows spinning wheel; the numbers within this area has not increase sense the 2nd day in (stopped at 77,502). Dashboard reads 393,133 tracks. I closed Roon on the remote computer and re-started my Qnap Server. Re-open Roon on the remote and got message Roon trying to connect to core taking longer then usual. Once Roon openned dashboard show 0 everything. I have attach screen shots of Roon setup, Qnap spec, logs, etc. Note that the Roonserver in a SSD drive- DataVol 1 and my music; vol MusicDataBank, is on the hard disks on the same Qnap. I’m hoping I do not have to delete the library and re-start the scanning over again.
HELP! :frowning:

Sorry forgot to add attachments. Please note that screen shots only as I was not able to add logs to this will send logs to Eric.

@support, @Eric Please acknowledge if you are working on my issue, I’m not sure if I’m posting them right. I have sent several requests within the last 2 weeks with no response from Support. Please see my latest post this morning at 10:23 same topic

Hi @June_Coll ----- Please be advised that e-mailing directly isn’t the best method for getting mine or the support team’s attention as direct e-mails often get filtered into my spam box or mixed in with the MANY notifications I receive from the community site. The most effective way to have your issue addressed is to contact me either on community (as you have done here) or via PM that way I see the notification(s) right away.

Moving forward, I would very much like to help you get to the bottom of this issue you are experiencing. Pre 1.3 I remember you were having some problems running RoonServer on your Qnap and you were having to perform multiple forced rescans every time you reopened the application.

Last we left off, you had mentioned the following to me:

“On January 3rd, I deactivated the QNAP media library again. Since then, there have been no data losses. I suspect a conflict between the QNAP media library and the Roon library. I plan to leave the QNAP media library deactivated for another week to test my theory then I will reactivate it to see if the issue presents itself again. I do want to be able to use the DNLA media server. I will keep you posted.”

Can you please verify for me if anything changed between when you had sent this message to me and upgraded to 1.3?



Just to clarify, all issues “QNAP Roon app & Version 4.2.3 build 185” - posted Feb 5, “Constant crashing on 1.3 while re-scanning files” - posted Feb 10, and “After Update and Scan is complete Roon displays 0 everything” - posted Feb 20 on the Roon Community forum have never received a response from support. Logs and graphics were sent as a PM to Eric as I was unable at the time to upload them to the forum.

Update on prior issue “losing data” - Jan 23 reactivate QNAP media library, Jan 24th QNAP firmware update 4.2.3, 20170121 completed. Noticed graphics are slow to come up on overview and now playing screens within Roon, Jan 28 QNAP’s DNLA server restarted; Jan 29 Roon loses 64 tracks.

Events That Followed

  • Feb 5 -Posted enquiry on Roon community forum - “QNAP Roon app & Version 4.2.3 build 185” - Roon QNAP app displays different version that that being displayed within Roon. Also Roon is very very slow to populate graphics on remote. Q’s should I delete Roon library and replace QNAP Roon app with version 1.0.2 - No response
  • Feb 9 - received message Update Roon 1.3 build200 available.
  • Feb 10 - As no response to enquiry, I decided to start from scratch. I deleted the library (roonserver folder) and removed QNAP Roon app 4.2.3 build 185 from my TVS882. I also uninstalled my windows Roon from my PC. Installed QNAP app Qnap_1.0.2_x86_64.qpkq and reinstalled Roon’s window app on PC. Started the update of 1.3 build 200. Roon crashed repeatedly. Post enquiry/issue on Roon community - “Constant crashing on 1.3 while re-scanning files”. Continued to crash and restart scanning. No response from support
  • Feb 17 - scanning still not complete and received another notice that Roon updates (build 204) are available. Did updates, scanning started over again.
    -Feb 20 - scanning completed within setting area but upper right corner (overview screen) still spinning but numbers have not changed after 2nd day of scanning. Closed Roon remote, re-open it same thing. Rebooted server, open Roon remote and message indicated Roon core could not be found, checked settings in watch folder in Roon was set to correct location, overview had 0 albums, tracks, etc., and also no devices were found. Posted enquiry/issue on Roon community - “After Update and Scan is complete Roon displays 0 everything”. After reading several posts that @ was used when posting to support, hence did a reply to my Posting using a @support, @Eric to please acknowledge if working on issue as not sure if posting was done correctly as have not received responses to previous postings. I decided not to wait for a response; going to remove library and start again. Prior to starting visit downloads again and found that the QNAP Roon server app had changed to QNAP_x86_64_2017-02-02. Downloaded it and installed it on my TVS882. Started Roon on the remote and configured the watch folder and the scanning again. I noticed that the scanning process was much faster; in fact, after a few hours the scanning within the setting area was completed and the overview had numbers, 393,249 tracks and I was able to set devices up. But in the upper right corner of the overview screen the scanning was still in process, clicking on the spinning circle indeed showed that scanning was still underway; the numbers were still increasing. I let it continue as I was going to be away for a few days.
  • Feb 26 - returned home to find Roon up and running all scanning complete. Played music on device, everything appears to be ok.
  • Mar 2 - update, build 208 for both remote and core received and completed within 20 minutes. Roon still stable.

Current status - March 3, Roon stable, no loss of data, QNAP Media Library ready and set to scan manually, DLNA media server is enabled.

Hi @June_Coll ----- Thank you for following up with me and providing this feedback. I see as of March 3rd things are stable. How have they been holding since? Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @Eric

I’ve had some issues with searching on build 208 - Roon would shut down immediately after requesting a search; also I noticed that it was slow to load songs, long pauses between songs. Updated to build 209 March 9th. Issues with build 208 appear to have been resolved. Also, no longer losing tracks. Everything appears to be working as it should.

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