After Update… No Sound In 1 Zone

After the update to 1.8(904) Mac, one of my 2 zones fell silent and Roon kept switching to “internal speakers”. After a while fumbling around ungrouping the zones, restarting a few times, searching the forum for clues, etc., I figured out that the volume of the affected zone had been turned down to zero, within Roon settings on the Mac Mini it resides on, so, I slid it back to 100% and all was right again. Just passing that on in-case someone else ran into the same hiccup.
Edit: maybe only coincidence but I had also just upgraded to Monterey just prior (maybe an hour) to the Roon update but the 0% volume problem did not occur until the Roon update.

You could just set volume control to fixed, if you’re not usually using it anyways.

It was set to fixed but became unfixed and set to 0 upon updating.

Now, that’s tricky, I understand!

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