After update, tag focus function seems to be broken on the tracks screen [Resolved - Build234]

This is posted in another thread specific to an existing problem, but maybe it makes more sense to post this here.

Since the update, if you go to the Tracks screen and try to focus on any Tag, it seems to focus on almost the whole collection and not be limited to tagged tracks. Seems to focus on almost the same subset of tracks with ANY Tag.

Yeah, I can reproduce this too. Looks like there’s a bug here.

Thanks for the report @James_I, we’re looking into it.

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Thanks Mike. I don’t think anyone could accuse the Roon team of being unresponsive!

What I would expect would be that every track associated with a Tagged artist
or a Tagged album (among other categories) would come up here. Is that right?

We try :innocent:

Build 234 is up (for Core platforms only) with a fix for this issue. Let us know how it goes @James_I, and thanks again for the report.

Is this an update I force with a reinstall? Or will my Roon Core detect the update and do it within the normal update process?

Settings > About

Looks like it works! I’ll do some poking around to be sure. Results look promising. This should help maximize the value of shuffle, now that I can use tags to populate a playlist.

Thanks Mike!