After updating to build 1234 audio file loading too slowly to play/slow scanning library adding music

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Nucleus Plus
MacBook Pro 2021
Asus wireless router (RT-AX86U)
Netgear Gear 12 port Gb switch
Mac(s) and Roon connected to Gb ethernet ports
700,000 tracks/QNAP

Was advised of another update one day after successfully updating my system to build 1232.
After this second update today to 1234, scanning my library is taking 25 minutes [instead of about 5 minutes] and adding a hi-res album took 32 minutes [instead of about 1 minute] will play 24/96 but not DSD or 24/192 albums because tracks are loading too slowly cc @noris

Hi @Norman_Spector ,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve activated diagnostics for the Nucelus and can confirm that the logs came in. Looking over the logs, the increased load time is visible, but it looks like it could be due to your QNAP storage registering as offline at times.

Have you had a chance to reboot your Nucleus, networking gear, and QNAP yet? If so, was there any change in behavior after that? Is there anything else watching this QNAP share other than Roon? If you try to add content to a non-QNAP storage location, does it also take a long time to add and have difficulty with playback?

Hi Noris: thanks for getting back to me. Seems to be working now. Not sure why.

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@Norman_Spector, what is the model number of your Netgear 12-port switch? Is it a managed switch vs. an unmanaged switch, and does it support PoE?

Way beyond my technical expertise [I’m an old man!] Have had it for quite some time. Model GS 116. Hope this helps

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No worries, now that you are running all should be good. Please post if this happens to you again.

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