After upgrade of Roon Core the database is reported as corrupt

After last forced upgrade of Roon Core (initiated by Roon when I opened the Roon client), so it basically tries to upgrade the database after the server upgrade, it gives me message of corrupt database.

I cannot imagine I will spend another 100s of hours rebuilding my Roon library. I have tried all kinds of things such as restore, reinstall, multiple restores from backups and so on.

Latest upgrade really managed to f… up Roon completely.
Cant find any solution.

If I am supposed to rebuild library, forget it. I dont have the time and will cancel my subscription. Sorry, but I am really kind of ■■■■■■ off!

Seriously, you need to build a database repair tool for this upgrade, there are literally hundreds of failed instances after this upgrade.

Kind Regards Thomas Holm


Thomas, I feel your pain. My DB has been down since Sunday. I had good backup practice regularly backing up the DB to a separate drive. Its hard to understand how those backups, which were executed without error, can’t recover the DB.

I’ve uploaded logs and am waiting to see what they recommend. I’m just surprised that my support experience is not better than Apple’s free iTunes product. Roon is marketed as a product for audiophiles who are deeply into their music and willing to pay to get a better experience. I love the capabilities Roon brings but my practical experience as a customer has revealed the product to be buggy and unpredictable and the support best effort rather than bespoke for customers who see Music in their lives as mission-critical. :slight_smile: While I wait for Roon support to provide an update I’ll sadly be leaning into researching alternatives.

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Same disappointment here with both the roon app and the support. I now have Audirvana studio installed on my computer. Library management may not be quite as pleasant as with roon but SQ is amazing and UX is regularly improving.

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Hi @Thomas_Holm ,

Can you please access your Roon logs by using these instructions and upload a set for review here?

Please let us know once they have been uploaded, thank you!

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