After Upgrading to 1.7, I Can’t Log In to Tidal

I ’m a Chinese customer. After the software upgrade to 1.7, TIDAL login will directly link to the official website. Before logging in to tidal, I entered my account and password. Now I ca n’t log in after linking to the official website. Is there any solution? Not available anymore. Thank you!
Sorry, English is not good. I wrote it with translation software.

Have you re- booted your ROON core?
This often fixes this and is an easy first step.
Your English is perfect.

I have tried several times. I used Roon to log in to TIDAL before I needed to enter my account and password. Now I need to link to TIDAL’s official website to log in to TIDAL. What can I do?

Hi @bin_yu1,

What web browser are you using to log in? If you’re not already, can you try using Google Chrome and let us know if that helps?

Hope this doesn’t turn out to be a user in china behind that government firewall that blocks everything good outside china

It may be the cause of the firewall, so log in to tidal directly on ROON, and enter the account password to enter (version 1.6), version 1.7 can not log in to the official website of tidal,
Can the Chinese version be adjusted

QOBUZ can enter the account and password to log in normally, can tidal be set to this login mode?

Hi @bin_yu1,

To clarify, are you able to log in to the TIDAL website normally (not through the Roon login)?

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you try to log in now?

Can you confirm what browser you’re using?

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