After using airplay, roon can't see device

Hi Harry,

My RoPieee devices have been flawless, but yesterday needed to use airplay (grouped across two devices, one not a pi), and today (after ungrouping), roon can’t seem to see the streamer. Neither regular roon nor hqplayer work.

Airplay can be chosen, and it looks like it’s playing, but no sound.

Reflashed, and still nothing. (flash is still on build 1622 because that’s what was available for download.)

Pi2AES HAT into a Denafrips DAC.


PS: perhaps of note, this particular device was unable to update to the most recent version. I think I tried to play to it, it wasn’t playing, so I opened the web interface…

I saw that it was ready to update, so i figured might as well… but it stayed at 1622, and still didn’t play, and roon couldn’t find it.

So i reflashed.

And that’s where we are now.

UPDATE: When I reconfigured it to add the HAT and HQPlayer, I did that as well as change its name in the same config step. Only the name stuck after reboot, and it didn’t retain the other settings. Is that a thing? Just do one at a time?

So I re-did both of those separately and rebooted and now it’s showing up as a device in roon and HQPlayer.


Anyway, you can call off your dogs!

(Still not sure why it was goofy after airplay (don’t use often)… and weird why it didn’t update to your latest version when I tried earlier, but we’ll look for the update alert again and re-try.)