After using it for more than a year, there are areas that could be further improved.

Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  1. The app crashes more frequently with each update.

  2. The app plays duplicate songs more frequently with each update.

  3. Some of the Chinese information appears to be sourced from websites like Wikipedia and may contain errors or omissions.

  4. There are still many songs that do not display lyrics.

  5. Adding Tidal songs to the music database sometimes fails.

  6. Please provide a feature that allows for easy data backup, as Dropbox is expensive and difficult to use.

  7. The remote control app and Roon Arc may experience unknown issues that prevent them from connecting.

  8. When switching to Atmos, the surround sound amplifier cannot play properly and must be manually switched back to stereo, which is inconvenient.

  9. The search function needs improvement, as sometimes it is unable to find the correct results even when the correct words are typed.

  10. The function for organizing audio tracks could be further improved. If there are many tracks, the window requires constant scrolling.

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