After using Roon remote on my office PC, I can't stream video

I have a separate PC set up as Core and I use Roon remote on my office PC with my office audio set up. The office PC is running Windows 10 and I use the latest version of Chrome for my browser.

Streaming videos on FB and YouTube work fine prior to using Roon, but after stopping Roon playback or exiting Roon completely, unless I reboot my PC, no videos from any website will stream. I can even have started to stream a video, pause it, start Roon and exit and then try to start the video again and it won’t stream. Play buttons work fine, but no steaming video.


My PC is an i7-3770K CPU w/ 32 GB of RAM running Windows 10 64 bit.


Just a couple of off the top of the head suggestions to try and get some more info

  1. If you are streaming music to your remote’s output, See if exclusive mode is checked and if unchecking makes a difference.
  2. When you get into the error state and have then shut down Roon, go to Task Manager and see if RAAT Server, Roon Appliance, or Roon Server is running in processes. If they are, end the tasks and see if that makes any difference in being able to start the video.
  3. Try using Firefox instead of Chrome and see if you get the same issue.