AGAIN library problems

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet cable directly to Orbi router > ethernet cable to DSL box

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I can’t add qobuz albums to my library if they were partly available before full release date.

  1. I add an album pre-release - some tracks are marked as unavailable
  2. Album gets released
  3. The album in my library shows up in three different strange ways. Either
  • album shows as not available
  • album shows as mixed quality
  • some tracks still show as unavailable
  1. I delete the album from my library and it disappears
  2. I can’t add the album to my library anymore. When tapping + button to add the album, the ‘album added to your library’ message appears, but the button shows the rotating state infinitely and the album does nit appear in my library.
  3. Already cleaned up the library. No effect.

Hey @Georg_Kuklick,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Following up on this thread, do you see this happen on any device or remote you use to navigate roon on? Or, is it just a specific device?

With that, I wanted to see if you’ve by chance tried to manually resync your qobuz library after the full album in question has been released? Essentially before removing the partial album from your library, head to settings>services>qobuz - edit> sync library now. Refresh Roon (or quite and relaunch) and see if the full record is available.

This is a known bug we’re actively working on, we’ve been able to recreate this and while I don’t have a good workaround to share, I will certainly keep you in the loop on the progression of this solution.

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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