Age Distribution of Roon Users

How old are you? :pushpin:

  • Under 20
  • 20’s
  • 30’s
  • 40’s
  • 50’s
  • 60’s
  • 70’s
  • 80’s and above

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There is a lot of talk on these forums about how old Roon users are. Is it true? Or is computational Hi-Fi more popular with younger folks? This is a quantitative study to find out just how old Roon users are.

Thank you for your participation! :sparkles:


This has been done before …

69 :roll_eyes:

Noticed that - any reason the poll closed? There are new members joining all the time!

I suspect a reasonable sample

I’ll participate if you will, Mike. C’mon it’ll be fun!

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Ill get in before its too late and I have to click 60’s :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aug '19

Hmmm, given the distribution of the curve and the sample size, hard to think it will be different a year later…

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There’s a difference so far; much smaller gap between [50s / 60s] and [30s / 40s] :grinning:

Also, keeping the poll running indefinitely will be interesting :nerd_face:

Isn’t this a poll of forum rather than roon users?


It’s both (and it’s no perfect). The prompt is for Roon users that, by nature of where the poll is hosted, need to be forum users/visitors. We don’t have access to Roon’s demographic analytics to bypass that caveat :wink:

I would sure hope we see an influx of younger users! (I’m more on the right side of the curve…)

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Roon never asked my location or sex or marital status or age for that matter that I ever recall. Never mind how competent I was with software or hardware or even what OS I was using but the later is perhaps likely to be captured in the systems and probably what I play and what endpoints I use.

Still, since the data is a normal distribution, there is no reason to think there are enough “hidden samples” in the remaining population to skew it. Perhaps some simple hypotheses can be drawn from the histogram i.e. the vast majority of user in the 40s-70s:

  • Roon requires buying power. There’s more money in those age groups.

  • Roon offers convenience to a demographic that has time for it (e.g. no small children, settled work-life-balance, square footage to enjoy hifi)

  • Roon expertly travels the middle ground of reinforcing, rather than disenchanting, the analogue metaphors transfered to digital audio (e.g. signal purity), while at the same time educating folks in actual digital processing through a very pedagogical interface. This seems the perfect demographic for it.

  • Roon’s value proposition includes perceived access to the in-crowd - there’s a sociopsychological point to being a member of the same community as the experts, i.e. the designers and engineers in digital audio. This is (threading lightly…) a masculine virtue.

  • Roon fosters brand loyalty in a business that requires it for survival. For both tinkeres and plug’n’play types (because of the brilliant interface and added features).

Perhaps this was self-evident, but I’m honestly surprised there isn’t more in the 30s age group.

All right I am falling into the 14% result!

The poll is probably skewed by the lack of people who have a life and don’t hang out on internet forums all day and night.

That said, I have been retired for 16 years and just last summer got involved here. I listen to music all day and late into the night, so I might as well spend time here trying to get and give help. It’s a great hobby and less expensive than my previous hobbies (flying and drag racing).

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73 years old

After our 20s we can’t hear the higher frequencies and at 50 we’re deaf to anything above 12kHz. I know many will certify they are exceptions and can hear up to 44kHz and that’s good for them.

Just squeezed into 60’s phew

150 days and counting …

37 here with 5 RaaT enabled endpoints.

What is “computational Hi-Fi”? Roon should be described clearly and accurately. Please keep it real.