AIFF Files in Apple Music

Hi - trying to learn about Roon and to figure out how it would best be setup on my system before diving in.
I have two main digital music sources. I have a large library of AIFF files that I’ve burned into Apple Music from CD’s. And I subscribe to Qobuz.

Please explain the relationship of Roon to the Apple Music library, and the fact that they are decent files. What does Roon do w/ them? I know that Roon is built to integrate w/ Qobuz and Tidal, but I want to understand if/how the Apple Music files come into play w/ Roon. Thank you.

I’m pretty new to Roon but I had a similar starting point to you except I use Tidal rather than Qobuz

If all of your music files are stored on a disk/device accessible (NAS or disk) to the PC/Mac that you will run Roon on… Roon will index those files and automatically add them (with Metadata) to your Roon Library. Using the Roon remote application - you can then play any of those files through Roon (or those in Qobuz).

Hope that’s of some help

I have a large number of AIFF as well as FLAC, and WAV audio files. I think it does not really matter with Roon.

Roon will play just about anything, the only rule is, with Apple Music the file has to exist locally somewhere, eg: in a local library. Here’s the Roon article on importing iTunes content.

Isn’t that out of data as Apple music doesnt have an XML file to share since they ditched iTunes?

Still works but the XML file has to be generated manually I think.
“Recent versions of iTunes do not create the XML file by default, so you will need to ensure the file is generated by checking this screen and making sure the Share iTunes Library XML option is checked”.

Here’s what the article says:
Roon can easily import your iTunes playlists, and in most configurations, it will update them automatically if you make changes in iTunes.

I don’t think it references the entire database, does it? I want my whole library integrated w/ Roon, not just Playlists.