AIFF Not Importing from Core to Library

sonictrasporter i5 version 2.8 (build 764)

MacBook Pro running Roon 1.8 (build 764)

Network Details:
Modem to Unifi 8 Port Switch, direct into an Esoteric N-05 via ethernet

Audio Devices:*
Esoteric N-05 connected via ethernet, Bluesound Node 2i (WiFi), Bluesound Soundbar (WiFi), and an AudioQuest Cobalt (Connected to MacBook Pro via USB)Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)**

Description Of Issue

Since upgrading to 1.8 my library does not contain or will import AIFF files or any Hi-Rez file (24/96. 24/192, etc.) that are stored on an internal SSD on my SontransPort i5. Feedback and help are appreciated.

Hey Scott, do you have any other focus filters active? How many albums does Roon report under the “My Albums” title, and how many do you suspect are missing? If you could also send us a screenshot of Settings > Storage, that’d be a big help! Thanks.

No other filters are active. 788 albums but I know I have a bunch of AIFF and Hi-Rez files (100-200+/-). I had to reinstall Roon Core Server with 1.8 because the upgrade that originally happened when launched was corrupt and did not allow any of my endpoints to connect. Since then, all albums did not reimport from my servers SSD.

Hmm, when you navigate to that same folder from your computer, do you see the Hi-Res files you’re missing?

For instructions on how to connect to your SonicTransporter’s internal storage from a computer, see here: MySonicorbiter

Yes. All my Hi-Rez and AIFF files are in the i5 folder when I access from my PC via the network.

Here is an example using John Coltrane. Ballads is on the SSD but Roon library not finding.

I can even see the Ballads album when viewing the SSD storage via Roon.

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