Airplay 2 Compatibility

Is Roon compatible with Airplay 2?


As stated by Roon support, Roon does not.

Thanks Dirk!

It supports Airplay and Roon does multiroom with standard Airplay there is no need for Airplay 2 support which is limited to iOS and MacOS devices and strict licensing for devices not server software. Airplay 2 devices all support legacy Airplay.

Thank you Crystal

A tangent (as it doesn’t strictly matter to Roon) but if I had more free time in life, GitHub - openairplay/airplay2-receiver: AirPlay 2 receiver - python implementation only for testing

The world needs a fully fledged software airplay-2 reciever ala shairport.

It’s still not fully fledged or stable yet. When it does it’s the only way if licensing not prohibitive you will see Airplay 2 in software like Roon. It’s the way they did Airplay after all with open source reversed engineered tech. This is also a receiver not a sender . Roon is an Airplay sender not receiver but I am sure one would go with the other.