Airplay 2 for Sonos

Please realize Airplay 2 for Sonos so I can press pause and play on the speaker without Roon losing the connection.

You do realize that only a few of the Sonos speakers is actually capable of Airplay 2 right? Which Sonos speaker are you referring to with your posting?

For example, the Sonos One are AirPlay2 speaker.

So you have the Sonos One? Just asking because I am wondering if you are asking because you have one and want the capability or are you are planning to buy one and want the capability or if you don’t have one, don’t plan to buy one but want the capability never the less. Just curious. The protocol is relatively new. Very few devices so far. Roon does not usually support a protocol until some type if critical mass has formed. Yes it would be nice but I am betting that it could be a bit of a wait.

I have a house automation with several Play: 1 and the problem that I can not use them in connection with Roon, because the local operation on Sonos does not work or “Roon lost control”. Roon works in conjunction with Airplay also with local operation on the airplay device (play, pause, skip) and no problem with “Roon lost control”.
That’s why I bought a Sonos One for the test, hoping to use Roon because of Airplay. Unfortunately, Roon does not support Airplay 2 and the Sonos One is obviously not backward compatible with Airplay.
Airplay 2 is the new standard from Apple and all new devices have to support this, so I hope Roon will do that soon.

I once connected my iPhone to the Sonos One via Airplay 2 and streamed it from the Roon to the iPhone, then even play, pause, skip and volume on the Sonos One. All commands are transmitted correctly to Roon.
Only it’s a bit too expensive for every Sonos One to put an iPhone on the site.

+1 and same for HomePod with 11.4.1 I‘d say