Airplay 2 now on - sounds good, but will that enable my Samsung TV?

I believe that the pairing isn’t done right, because the code stays on the TV for a while after Roon seems to be done with its part. Meaning that the TV doesn’t register the pairing.

I have set up the TV, btw., for asking for a code only the first time. I have tried also to change the TV’s AirPlay handling to asking for a self-chosen password, but it makes no change. Also, I have tried the compatibility mode in Roon’s setup for the TV, and that simply removes all feedback, but it doesn’t play anything.

same here for a LG tv

Is anyone else having issues with getting Roon AirPlay 2 support to work?

It’s working fine from other apps on my HomePod minis and stereo HomePod pair, but just stalls entirely when trying from Roon.

Were you able to resolve the issue? I am seeing the same behaviour on my LG TV.

For me, also still the same - in a nutshell:

The TV does not show up in the list of zones until I switch it on (take it out of stand-by), and then it takes a few minutes before I can start playing, which immediately results in a code showing up on the TV but with no place in Roon to key it in.

Trying to disable and then again enable the TV in Roon, leads to a popup for keying in the code - but the code stays on the TV until it times out, even though Roon shows the TV as connected. Trying to play music on it will then again result in a new code on the screen and nowhere to key it in.

@Jorgen_Winther, can you do either of the following on the LG TV:

  1. Change the LG’s AirPlay setting to require a password (not a passcode), which may eliminate the passcode popup issues (you will need to enable to password on Roon the first time you select the LG as a zone, or anytime you disable and re-enable the LG zone)

  2. Can you add your LG to the Apple Home app? This also may require a password but it may result in Roon and the LG working together smoothly. I added my 2019 LG to Apple Home and everything works as it should.

Thanks - first, I have a Samsung TV :wink: - second, I have tried that (1) with no effect. And the home app (2) doesn’t seem to find the TV. I never tried that before (have only lamps in the home app), so I am not sure if I need to do anything special to connect the TV?

But thanks for your suggestions!

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Sorry, my mistake. And my other TV, an LG TV with AirPlay, but from a few years ago, also cannot be seen in the Apple Home app, so I understand. Let’s see what Roon can do, they are working on fixing a regression that has occurred with AirPlay.

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