Airplay 2 on Sonos One

Now i can play music on Sonos One with Airplay 2.
Play and skip forward/backward button on Sonos One works fine, but pause (stop) button does not work.

Hi @ascot,

Does anything happen at all when hitting the pause button on the Sonos One? If you use Airplay from other sources besides Roon to play to the Sonos One does this work for you?

The Sonos One will only quiet briefly when I press the combined play/pause button.

When I stream from the iPad “Amazon Music” via Airplay 2 to the Sonos One and I press the play/pause button, the stream stops and will continue until I press the button again.

Thanks for the details, @ascot.

I’m going to pass your report along to our technical team so they can investigate further. I’ll be sure to update you here when I’ve received their feedback.

Hi @ascot,

I discussed this with the team and they’ve enabled some advanced diagnostics on your account for Sonos devices that should give us some additional information here. May I ask that you please reproduce this issue once more and let me know the time it occurs? With the advanced diagnostics the team should be able to better understand what you’re experiencing.


I tested it at 9:05 (UTC)…

Do I express myself so stupid?

I’ll try it again, I can not get ROON on SONOS to go to stop.

With the new version 1.6 has not changed, I can not pause the music playback by pressing the pause button on the Sonos One speaker.
In Sonos mode, I can pause the music with the pause button, but can not continue by pressing it again.

I still have a Libratone Zipp speaker with Airplay 2, here pauses the music by pressing the pause button on the speaker.

Hi @ascot,

Please accept our apologies for the continuing difficulties here. The team is still currently investigating this behavior and created some additional diagnostics tools that should provide further insight to help here. We are hoping that you can once more reproduce this behavior and provide us with timestamps for when you do so. I’ll then enable diagnostics once more and the team should be able to then have a better idea of why you’re experiencing this behavior.

Apologies again for the continued troubles here.

I just tested it, 7:20 AM (UTC).

I’m certainly not the only one who owns a SONOS One?

Should I upload a video? I think we talk past each other.

Hi @ascot,

Thank you for the timestamp. I have enabled diagnostics and confirmed that the diagnostics report came through. I have passed the report along to our technical team so they can investigate further.

No need for a video at this time — The new report should help the team better understand this issue.

Thanks for your patience here, it really is appreciated!

Hi dylan,

for additional information, the volume buttons on the Sonos One are evaluated by Roon, as opposed to the play/pause button.

It must be possible for the “Sonos One”, for the “Libratone Zipp” you’ve managed it synonymous.

@dylan @ascot

Has this issue been resolved? I’m considering a pair of these speakers.

Pause now works, but replay is only possible within 5 seconds, then no more.
Pause/Play works with the Libratone Zipp, unfortunately it starts at full volume the first time …
It’s a shame that you can’t manage it for the Sonos.

Is SONOS so insignificant that no solution is offered?

Hello @ascot,

I addressed the Libratone issue in your other thread.

Regarding the AirPlay transport control behavior where you are unable to restart playback after a short period of time—this is not a Roon limitation. Some AirPlay devices “end” the playback session after a short period, causing them to “detach” their transport controls from the previous stream. We tested this behavior with multiple AirPlay devices, some were unable to restart playback after a few seconds while others were able to restart playback minutes later.