Airplay and end point player

Roon Core Machine

Rock in Intel 3
as well ROON in my Mac
APP in Iphone 13
Local library connected to NUC Intel 3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet 1Gb

Connected Audio Devices

LINN streamer connected to ethernet, as well as NUC Intel. MAC pro and IPhone connected by WIFI

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I set my roon with my IPhone roon app the reproduction is via AIR PLAy, it works fine.
If I utilize my MAC Book Pro with ROON APP installed in it, as well I see reproduction via airplay, not LINN, although I set up output to my Linn.
In both cases The volumen can be controlled from either MAC or IPhone.
But I do not want to utilize Airplay for reproduction but my Linn streamer and volumen control of the HIFI system, because AirPlay is not able to pla full dsd and 192KHZ I beleieve and as well quality is less with Airplay than with My Linn
SO how can I utilize both IPhone and MAc just as remote app

Hello @francisco_gaston ,

Can you please confirm that you have the correct Subnet for Linn streaming configured? You can find this setting under Roon Settings → Setup → Bottom of list.

Thanks Doing it I got the LINN end point able to reproduce directly not through Air Play

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