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Hello dear Helpers,

I am facing an odd trouble which I did not notice before while playing through Roon / Airplay on Sonos Five loudspeakers.

One title / track (from any album either from Tidal streaming or from my personal library) is running in loop and not jumping to the next one when the reading is completed I have to manually operate the transition …

This phenomenon does not appear when using the Roon / Sonos App for the same device and tracks
I have reloaded the Roon app without change and tried to find out whether settings can be made in the iOS without success.

Thanks in anticipation for an explanation / solution

Hello @griveau.m,

I suspect you have inadvertently enabled loop playback … if so you need to unselect it.


Hello Carl
Thanks to your advice, everything is back to normal now !
Strange occurence since I very seldom go the queuing view except when automatic generation of music is generated to find out what it is ; I’ll be more curious next time …
Merci beaucoup …
Best regards

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Vous êtes le bienvenu

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