Airplay devices disappeared - SOLVED


I have four devices attached to Roon.
Two RAAT devices and two Airplay.

I’ve updated to iOS 11, updated the Roon Remote App for iOS and the AirPlay devices are no more there… Not sure it is related, anyway I tried switching them on/off reconnect to the network, etc… Nothing.

Any help?

I’m having similar issues since iOS 11, I have two AirPlay devices one is attached wirelessly and the other is hardwired, sometimes the wireless A7 does not show up.
Usually a power cycle of the A7 cures it other times I have to restart RoonServer and all Roon remotes.

I also updated my ASUS RT88U Router to the latest Merlin firmware and I don’t know if this has caused any issues.

Thank you for the hint!
The fourth Roon Server reboot worked for me!


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