Airplay Dropouts

The Vault and the NUC–running Roon Core–are both connected directly to the router via ethernet. Music is stored on a 2 Tb SSD connected to the NUC via USB. The Vault is connected to my system via the RCA outs. The Mojo–when I play direct–is USB to RCA to the system. The Airplay group is the Vault and two Sonos speakers; one in the kitchen and one on the back porch. Thanks.

Since I have received no replies after 10 days let me add that I am fairly certain that is a Roon issue. This does not happen when playing any or all Airplay devices via TuneIn, Spotify, or dedicated radio apps such as WXPN. I get no dropouts using Airplay except when using my Airplay group through the Roon application.

Update: this problem has cropped up once again. Constant dropouts when using Airplay to any single and grouped Airplay devices. It does not happen playing direct to the devices. It does not happen if I use Airplay via my iPhone with any other apps.

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Hi @Jim_White1,

I’ve moved your thread over to #support, please be aware that #support is the only section of this website which we regularly monitor, so if you have a technical issue in the future, please post in this section so that we see your report.

As for this issue in particular, can you please let me know:

  1. What is your network setup like? Please list the model/manufacturer of all your networking gear (including router/switches/range extenders/powerline adapters/ect.).

  2. You mentioned that this issue went away for some time, did you change anything when the issue previously went away?

  3. Are you using the latest firmware on your router, Roon Core and audio devices?

I know my setup but not the exact model numbers of everything.The setup is this:

  1. Intel NUC with Roon Core installed

  2. A Samsung 2TB SSD with my personal library, connected to NUC via USB

  3. Bluesound Vault 2i

  4. 3 Sonos One speakers connected wirelessly to the same network

(The Vault and NUC are connected via direct ethernet to a new Netgear router)

I am out of town until Sunday and do not have the exact model numbers memorized so I will add that information when I return home.

Yes, with regards to the latest firmware.

Hi @Jim_White1,

Hope you had safe travels, can you please let me know the model numbers when you have a chance and the answer to my previous question?

Do the dropouts also occur on the Vault Airplay zone when in standalone mode?

Nothing has changed setup-wise. The router is a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Wifi Router, model R6700v3.
Spectrum cable Internet service with 235 mbps download speed. There are no other switches or range extenders. As previously mentioned, the Vault and the NUC are connected via direct ethernet.

Hi @Jim_White1,

Can you please try to play to your Vault zone and let me know the exact local time + date + track that you next experience the dropout on? I would like to take a look to see if logs contain further clues and I can enable diagnostics mode after I have the timestamp.

Hi Norris,
The weather here has been so iffy that I couldn’t really try much of anything. Between the power/Internet dropouts it would be hard to isolate the cause of anything. Once this hurricane moves away I will revisit this. Thanks.


I think there’s a problem with Roon working with Apple Airplay and Express bases.
I started a thread: Cannot play to airport express group in sync - #15 by Marco_Sassone

but also dropouts have always been present, more or less often, popping out when I thought they’d gone. Happening also with latest rel Roon 1.8 (if not even more so)

for the record, I am (trying) to listen right now to a new album I’ve found out thanks to Qobuz, but these dropouts are making for an unnerving experience, spoiling the whole thing

HI Marco,
Is this over wireless or via LAN cable?

Hi Sven,
NUC running ROCK and Apple Airport Express (generating a network with same name/psw as others in the home) are both connected to Netgear Gigabit GS108 switch with CAT 6 Ethernet cable. Apple Airport Extreme in bridge mode router is also connected to switch with LAN cable. Extreme is also connected with LAN cable to Vodafone modem.
My intention would be to use wireless only to connect portables phones / iPads to internet.

strange, have you tried a reset/restart of your modem which (I assume) handles the network and provides each client with an IP Adress (i.e runs the DHCP server)?

Sure I did, that’s the Vodafone modem/router, which handles HDCP. Each of the devices that are not portable, including the Airport express(es) have a fixed IP (in to range, the DHCP gives IPs from 50 to 200 or so).
The Vodafone’s wifi is turned off, though. I let the Apple Airport Extreme (in bridge mode) to create the LAN and wifi.
My doubt is wether have the Express (which works as Roon endpoint and gives the dropouts) create a new wifi (with same name/psw as the one created with the Extreme) or to extend that. Now it’s in create wifi mode but in the past it I had it in extending mode, but the dropouts were there.

Hi @Marco_Sassone ,

Yes, Apple Networking gear have been known to be problematic, please see:

Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.

Hi @noris, I remember going over this with you. :wink:

I love and use Roon every day, I have a lifetime license, but I remember at the time of subscribing, Roon website advertised as working with Airplay, among many other endpoints formats.
That was enough to trust it was going to be a working addition to my system…

I don’t get it: isn’t this the way I’m using my Express?

off the records: I tried to switch back having the culprit Airport Express to extend the existing wifi rather creating a new one, and the whole network went out of order… panic !
It took me about an hour of tweaking, disconnecting lan cables, restarting devices, until now, magically, all started working again.
I could never be a network technician. It’s beyond logic (mine at least !)

btw: after all the rebootings, music is playing through the Airport Express flawlessy! (keeping finger crossed). Before I couldn’t listen to a single track without a t leat a dropout

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