Airplay Dropouts

Hi @noris, I remember going over this with you. :wink:

I love and use Roon every day, I have a lifetime license, but I remember at the time of subscribing, Roon website advertised as working with Airplay, among many other endpoints formats.
That was enough to trust it was going to be a working addition to my system…

I don’t get it: isn’t this the way I’m using my Express?

off the records: I tried to switch back having the culprit Airport Express to extend the existing wifi rather creating a new one, and the whole network went out of order… panic !
It took me about an hour of tweaking, disconnecting lan cables, restarting devices, until now, magically, all started working again.
I could never be a network technician. It’s beyond logic (mine at least !)

btw: after all the rebootings, music is playing through the Airport Express flawlessy! (keeping finger crossed). Before I couldn’t listen to a single track without a t leat a dropout

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