Airplay feature request

If you have 2 wireless airplay speakers such as the b&w zeppelin, it would be great to group 2 zeppelins together and assign left and right channels seperately to each device. So if you have 2 airplay speakers on each side of the room that would really improve the stereo soundstage.

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Denon have a feature like this in their Heos range.

as do Oppo with their Sonica speakers but when I tested them trying to get the stereo in sync was a lot of hit or miss…mostly miss…the oppo app seemed to cope better airplay was a mess :frowning:

I am sure Roon can handle it much better.

This would be so terrific and yet probably difficult or impossible for Roon to do. When I’ve wired airplay speakers to create a true left / right setup, the soundstage was awesome.

Not necessarily. I think it depends on which speakers you are using and mostly on your expectations. In a bedroom or study room it meets my expectations since i have a dedicated setup for serious listening in my living room.
Anyway in my opinion it would be nice to have that option.

I am agreeing with you that two Airplay speakers set up with separate L & R channels sounds great.

I’ve experimented with Airplay speakers that have auxiliary inputs. I have connected them to the output of an Airport Express using 3 stereo-mini to RCA cables and 2 RCA y-adapters to deliver full left channel to both the L&R of the Left speaker and the full right channel to both the L&R of the Right speaker. Nice separation and soundstage. I used these speakers in the near-field for a desktop setup and I totally regret selling them.

What I was referring to as being difficult or impossible was for Roon to manipulate the Airplay stream by suppressing a L or R channel to a given receiver. I hope I am wrong about it being impossible .

I was hoping that the Oppo Sonica had succeeded in doing this.

It looks like I should forgo worrying about it and go back to my Rube Goldberg setup.