Airplay issue with Bluesound Node2

Hi, I’m on the second trial of Roon, new 1.5 changes a lot for the better for me. While Roon recognizes my four systems, it does not recognize the Node2 connected to a Marantz receiver in the surround system–only the Marantz and airplay are shown. I don’t understand the problem because both are connected to ethernet on the same router. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I forgot the mention that because of this problem I am unable to group the Marantz Node with the other system.

Hello @Sharon_Persich,

We have had a few reports of users with Bluesound products reporting that their devices become discoverable after an error like this after power cycling the unit. Can you unplug and replug the unit’s power cord, and then go to the Settings>Audio screen and report if the device appears?


John, many thanks, yes it worked, the device shows and can be grouped.