Airplay issues, multiple devices

I’ve just finished my trial run of Roon. While I liked it there were issues I couldn’t resolve. My main issue was Airplay. I have two TVs with Airplay, one LG, one Samsung. Neither appear in Roon’s audio settings. All devices are on the same network, I have tried changing the authentication type to password rather than pin, they just don’t appear. Chromecast, phones, tablets all appear fine to Roon. The Airplay devices themselves work fine, I can fling my MAC or tablets to them without any issues. That else could i be missing?
Roon was on windows 10, if that makes a difference?

I don’t think a TV with Airplay will be seen as a Roon endpoint unless connected to something like an Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

My Samsung also has Airplay and I’ve never seen it pop up under audio devices to enable.

That’s a shame, seems an odd omission.

You could add Google Chromecast to your telly if you really want to play music to it.

I just checked my new Sony Bravia TV. Roon sees the Sony TV as a Chromecast device, but not as an Airplay device. I have a Roku stick set up in another TV and the Roon can’t see the Airplay on that device either. It appears that not all Airplay devices are compatible with Roon.