Airplay + merging albums

  1. After reinstalling the core (latest version) on Synology-NAS/Windows, roon only offers the option «Airplay» instead of Ethernet / HDMI as before.

  2. Roon combines a lot of albums into one. There are too many to separate them manually. What criteria does roon use for merging? I want to avoid that.


Hi Arno,

Fellow user here:

  1. If the issue is the options are not showing up when running Roon on the Wndows machine, try turning off the firewall on it and see if the settings appear. If they do, then you need to allow access for Roon, Roonappliance, raatserver through the firewall.

  2. Can you provide specific information, like one example with screen pics to detail what you are seeing?

  1. Disabling the firewall didn’t help.
  2. See example (picture)

I reinstalled the core on the NAS again. Now the connection to the players via Ethernet is back!

The problem with the merging still remains.

I suspect that the way you have the folder’s titled will cause Roon to think they are different CDs of the same multi-CD album.

Try changing the title of the first disk to “Hifi Visionen Klassik - The First Release” and then redo and see if it merges with the other or not.

I renamed the folder and reloaded the library. But it didn’t work.