AirPlay name & volume profile

Hey Harry, I need to reiterate my “Thank You” for RoPieee + XL. Such great, easy to use software. I’ve gone back and forth a bit on my secondary endpoints with DietPi and RoPieee and finally settled on using RoPieee as I feel the platform to be superior for the use case and its creator truly committed :slight_smile:

That being said, I just set up four RPis with RoPieeeXL and had a bit of tweaking to do. Currently I need to use AirPlay to play to my zones as RAAT is not yet support on my Devialet Phantom/Reactor pairs which I use for primary listening.

I like to have things tidy so I had to remove the " [RoPieeeXL]" addition to the AirPlay name (sorry :grimacing:). Thing is it was quite complicated and didn’t stick when editing


Another edit of general = { name = " " ... } in /opt/RoPieee/config.d/90-shairport_config was necessary for the cleaner AirPlay name to stick. My first question would now be: is that something that you could allow users to tweak via the interface? Is the third file the one that decides the AirPlay name?

Another thing that came up on my HiFiBerry AMP2 powered Pis was the AirPlay volume. It seemed way way lower compared to the DietPi installations. Digging further it was apparent that the setting volume_control_profile = "flat" was to blame :slight_smile: Setting it to "standard" in the three aforementioned files and restarting the shairport-service / rebooting fixed this for me.

I’m aware these are not things everybody asks for and you want to keep the interface light. Maybe the volume profile could live under AirPlay options as a drop down. I hope further updates respect these edits, that would be another ask if they won’t.

I wanted to donate a bit but no button to do so appears under ? Is it just me? Again, thanks for all that you do!

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Donation page has been fixed :wink:

Thanks for reporting!

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Pizza sent :smirk:

@spockfish May I humbly ask for answers to the two questions from my post? :slight_smile:

  • Which is the actual config file that needs to be edited since there are three that contain similar configuration objects?
  • Would you consider the suggested dropdown for the volume profile or is it too much of an edge case?

Thanks! If you intended to reply anyhow, I didn’t mean to rush! Just thought it might have gotten lost in my rambling that there were actual questions in there :grin:

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Hello, is there a way to edit the Airplay name to remove the RopieeeXL part. I would like to use just my own “Living Room”, “Kitchen” etc. :slight_smile:

Currently, it can’t be done from the web interface, but it can be done if you are comfortable logging into linux and changing a couple of files.

CAUTION: this is relatively simple procedure, but if you mess up the files, RoPieee can be broken, which can be fixed by re-flashing RoPieeeXL.

  1. Login to your unit with by typing “ssh root@<Your Ropieee’s IP address>” in a terminal on your Mac/PC. Password is ropieee.

  2. Edit the file /opt/RoPieee/shairport-sync/config. You’ll see a line that looks like:

name = "rpi-touch [RoPieeeXL]";

Just change the name within the quotes to what you’d like, e.g.,:

name = "Bedroom";

That should do it, but if you update the configuration using the web interface, it might be overwritten. To avoid that:

  1. Edit the file ./opt/RoPieee/config.d/90-shairport_config. You will see a line that looks like:

name = "${friendly}";

Just replace ${friendly} with a name you would like, e.g.,

name = "Bedroom";

Keep in mind that a future RoPieee update might overwrite your changes.

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Thanks, I will do that.

The suggestion to allow changing of the Airplay/Spotify name via the UI has come up a few times before and would I think be a very welcome addition.

@spockfish - Any chance of a comment on feasibility or timescale for adding this Harry? Many thanks.