Airplay not working :( [Solved; Synology Firewall]

I’m using a Synology for running Roon Server and have numerous Airplay devices in the house. I can see the Airplay devices in Roon and select them as endpoints, but no matter the device I hear nothing, despite the graphic in Roon indicating that music is playing!

Any ideas?

Ok, I fixed it! Looks like you have to have ports 6001-6010 UDP & 6011-6030 TCP open in the Synology Firewall for Airplay to work.

Might be worth adding this to the NAS setup guide!

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Thanks for the follow up … I leave a tag for @crieke master of Roon NAS installs.

I tried to put all required information to have RoonServer running on Synology/QNAP. The Airplay/Firewall issue could occur on any machine and I think a general info about firewalls would be more appropiate.
Don’t get me wrong on this, but I think it is not helpful to put issues that can occur with roonserver (on every machine) on a QNAP/Synology Installation blog post as this will divert from the actual topic on how to install and run it on these NAS devices.

I don’t ultimately care where it goes, a common firewall FAQ would be useful as these aren’t the only ports I’ve had to open in order for the Roon server to work correctly.

Similar issues with other platforms fire walls being on too, like PS Audio and Win10 Core :slight_smile: